LaJuan Gorham

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Health Ministry

To empower the Faith Community to participate with God in the promotion of health, healing and wellness.

Mission Statement

1. To integrate Health and Faith within the Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) parish, the neighborhood and the surrounding community.

2. To promote the harmonious relationship between the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of well-being.

3. To educate the parish about health, healthy living and individual responsibility in making health decisions.

4. To encourage one to reach the highest level of wellness even when the curing of disease does not occur.

Contact LaJaun Gorham for more information. 202-678-4999

Carolyn Wheeler

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Liturgy Committee

Promotes a comprehensive program for ministries (liturgical, musical, and spiritual) within the Church, incorporating words, art and environment, music, preaching and the like, into the sacred liturgy; incorporates, into the liturgy, authentic needs and elements of Black Catholicism as well as other meaningful and encouraging styles of worship by promoting and encouraging participation in Liturgical Training Programs relating to all aspects of worship and spirituality; and by reviewing periodically, all aspects of liturgical life to determine their effectiveness for Parish worship and spirituality.

Contact Carolyn Wheeler for more information. 202-678-4999

George Stewart

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Director of Music: George Stewart        240-401-4904
1. Perpetual Glory (Sings at 11 AM Sundays practices Sundays at 12:45 pm):
                                                     Director: George Stewart                 
2. Voices of Praise (Sings at 8 AM Sundays, practices Saturdays at 8:30 AM):
     Dehrric Richburg 301-583-8356  
     Debra Tidwell 202-889-8944
3. Ambassadors for Christ Mens Choir (Sings 5th Sundays and practices preceding 4 Saturdays at 11:30 am)

Contact George Stewart for more information. 202-678-4999

Carolyn Wheeler

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Serves all Liturgical Celebrations. Meeting Schedule: Four mandatory meetings per year (Feb. May, Sept., Nov.)
Proclaims the Sacred Scriptures at Liturgical Celebrations. Meetings are held quarterly.

Contact Carolyn Wheeler for more info. 202-678-4999

Alice Whitaker

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Eucharistic Ministers

Meeting Schedule: Quarterly meetings on 4th Saturdays (Jan., April, July, Oct.) in Church 10-11:30 am
Our pastoral mission is to worship and bear witness in the Church as well as the community by serving at Mass and to our fellow parishioners who are sick and/or homebound.
Our vision is to remain actively visible and committed to love and serve Jesus commanded whenever our services are needed in our Church and our community.
Our purpose as Ministers of Holy Communion is to assist the priest at Mass by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to our fellow parishioners and to those who are sick and/or homebound.
Once commissioned according to the Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, Ministers of Holy Communion with dignity, piety and reverence, distribute Holy Communion to others both inside and outside of Mass.

Contact Alice Whitaker for more information. 202-678-4999

Charles Williams

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Knights of the Altar (KOTA)

At His Altar... For All His People. The Knights of the Altar serve all liturgical celebrations by assisting clergy during mass. Members participate in the following: Volunteer Service, Fundraising Events, Recruitment Drive, and Quarterly Meetings. Why Should I Serve ? To learn more about the Catholic Mass & Faith. To give back to the church family and community To be an example of good stewardship To spread the word of God To help the Pastor, Assistant Pastor, and Deacons To receive God's help and blessings To give thanks to God for all he has done for me. What are the requirements ? Must be a registered parishioner Must have completed the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion Must attend mass regularly Must attend regular training Must commit to being an altar server for at least one year

Contact Charles Williams for more information. 202-678-4999

Dawnielle Battle

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Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers)

Meeting Schedule:1st Saturdays at 10:00 am in Church (Jan. Mar., May, July, Sept. Nov.)
Provides service as greeters before each Church ceremony; directs the congregation in the Offertory collection and procession, Communion procession, and distributes the Church bulletin.  Ministry is open to all members age 8 and up.  Meetings are held the first Saturday of bi-monthly in the Parish Life Center.

Contact Dawnielle Battle for more information. 202-678-4999

Joan Jackson

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Consists of a small group of parishioners who give much of their time and talents and work together to maintain a beautiful and inviting church.  The main two areas covered are:
Enhance the worship area to reflect the seasons of the liturgical year (Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, Paschal Triduum, and Easter.)
Help beautify the worship area by using varieties of live plants and flowers and taking proper care of them.

Contact Joan Jackson for more information. 202-678-4999

Sherrie Durand

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Liturgical Dance

Sacred Motion is the liturgical dance ministry, which is comprised of a youth group and a young adult group who praise the Lord in and through liturgical dance.  Sacred Motion performs at various times throughout the year and welcomes anyone who would like to join, age 5 and older.

Contact Sherrie Durand for more information. 202-678-4999

Doris Savoy

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Past Bereavement Newsletters

Lazarus Bereavement Read Newsletter Here

Mission Statement: “We, the members of the OLPH Lazarus Bereavement Ministry, support the bereaved through contact over the period of a year after their loss, hoping to prevent their grieving alone. The support consists of prayers, phone calls, cards and/or letters, and visits, as well as an invitation to our Annual Memorial Remembrance Mass. By doing this, we let them know the parish cares and we encourage them to remain (or become) connected with our faith community.”

The chairperson works directly with the Pastor and/or Associate in the planning and preparation of funeral services.
Meetings are held quarterly in the months of January, April, July and October in the Parish Life Center.
Sponsors the Annual Memorial Mass on the first Saturdays in November each year.

Condolence letters from the church for funerals at OLPH and to OLPH family members not at OLPH
Programs at the Memorial Mass
Envelopes and certificates at the Memorial Mass

Contact Doris Savoy for more information. 202-678-4999

Pam Stevenson

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Youth Organization

A Ministry focused on the Parish and community youth. It enables the youth to come to know and love Jesus more, to embrace their Catholic faith, and to develop their talents in the service to their family, Parish, and community. Youth are encouraged to share and have open discussions and to fellowship with each other. This Ministry responds to the needs of youth by: religious teachings, athletic programs, community service programs, feeding the hungry, recreational activities, and programs to enhance their spiritual, cultural and social lives. Youth groups include: CCD, Altar Servers, Liturgical Dance Ministry, Ministers of Hospitality, Youth Choir, Youth Lectors, CYO Boys/Girls Athletics, OLPH Junior Auxiliary NO.67, and the Blessed Virgin Mary Junior Sodality. Meetings of youth leaders are called as needed by the Youth Ministry Coordinator.

Contact Pam Stevenson, Carlos Graham, or Jasmine Campbell for more information. 202-678-4999



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