" It wasn't until I got older and became involved in church and school that I realized two things -
1. the quickest way towards personal growth is through involvement. 
2. navigating through life is so much easier with a mentor , and the greatest mentor is Jesus Christ" - Anonymous
The church is a GREAT place to grow ! Think about it.  Surrounded by people that have your best interest in mind, in a supportive environment. Below are a couple of ways that you can get involved and continue your journey:
Growing in the Love of Christ: Youth Lector

Why Become a Youth Lector

"by befriending the Lord, by reading what He taught and proclaiming the word, it not only gives [you] confidence and public speaking skills, but you also grow in the knowledge of the Lord in your own experience too." - Anonymous

Growing in the Love of Christ: Knights of the Altar

Why Serve on the Altar

"By learning to be an altar server, young people provide vital assistance to the parish and help lead the congregation in prayer. Participants learn respect of every aspect of the Holy Mass, for God’s Church, and themselves. This grows a sense of responsibility." - Anonymous

Growing in the Love of Christ: Junior Usher


Why Serve in Hospitality

"The Hospitality Ministry is a opportunity to meet parishioners and guests while serving a vital service in the performance of the Mass. This is a great ministry in which youth AND family members can work together." - Anonymous

Growing in the Love of Christ: Liturgical Dance


Why Become a Liturgical Dancer

" ... in all things praise the Lord through constant prayer.  There are many ways to pray, and they do not always involve words. Liturgical dancing is a wonderful way to pray."

- Anonymous

Liturgical Ministries